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How do we raise our puppies? Puppy culture is a program that we use. This includes Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), crate training, and the beginning stages of house training.


How much do our pup's cost, and how do I purchase? Our puppies are $3,000 (including deposit) on a spay neuter/non-breeding agreement. Our deposit to reserve a dog is $500. This deposit will hold a spot on the litter of your choice. We will hold up to 4 spots on each litter before pups are born. We will then start a waiting list for any additional puppies (no deposits will be taken.) Full payment is due by 6 weeks of age and we won't hold spaces unless deposit is made. Typically, we accept deposits after ultrasound confirmation. Please not that we accept these forms of payment: cash, check, paypal and venmo. If you choose to use paypal venmo an extra fee will apply.


We offer an array of services to make sure that your pup is safely delivered to you. Flight nanny services are available if you do not live within reasonable driving distance from us. We are currently serving Arkansas and Oklahoma for driving delivery and all other states in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii.) Please note that if you do choose the flight nanny services that a $200 convenience fee will be added to the flight costs for food/gas/and transportation to and from the airport. 


How do we match you with one of our puppies? We take in a lot of consideration when it comes to matching your family to one of our pups. We want to consider energy levels, size, color, and gender. We can't guarantee that you will get all of your preferences but we spend much time on this. We want what is best for you.


How big can we expect our pup to get? There is no definite answer but you can expect your dog to be anywhere from 14 to 16 inches in height and weight can range anywhere from 15-25lbs.


Is an Aussiedoodle and an Australian Labradoodle the same thing? The answer is NO. The Australian Labradoodle was recognized as a pure breed in 2012 and renamed a Cobberdog, although most people still refer to them as ALD. An Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. The results of this cross will also be unreliable as an Australian Shepherd is also a high energy, high shedding dog. Breeding it to a poodle can lead to an inconsistent coat with a wiry texture. This is very different from the highly developed Australian Labradoodle, which can be SO confusing!


How do I get the first pick of the litter? Breeder will have first selection of the upcoming litter but if you would like to have first choice after breeder has chosen their pups you may submit your application and deposit as soon as possible. This will not always be the case for breeder to pick a pup but it will be on this litter.

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