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Each of our dogs are invested in by us in many ways before they get to you. To us, they are priceless. We love them like they are family before they find their forever homes. Many breeders have higher pricing for their dogs but we feel that our prices are fair. 

Our puppies are $3,000 (including deposit) on a spay neuter/non-breeding agreement. Our deposit to reserve a dog is $500. This deposit will hold a spot on the litter of your choice. We will hold up to 3 spots on each litter before pups are born. We will then start a waiting list for any additional puppies (no deposits will be taken.) Full payment is due by 6 weeks of age and we won't hold spaces unless deposit is made.

Your pup is raised in our home. They are born in a cozy space in our home and they are there until the pups up and moving about. We will transition and socialize them with our two kiddos Lara, and Livi and they are free to roam and play in our backyard in the hills of the Ozarks. Socialization with kids is key to helping mature your pup and helps them get used to daily life.

Below are a few things we do for a well-balanced puppy

-Puppy culture

-Fun play areas provided

-Potty Training

-Kennel Training

We serve two locations



If you live nearby we will be able to arrange delivery or pickup. The Delivery Fee will depend on mileage. We will now offer flight nanny services anywhere in the United States (minus Alaska and Hawaii.) Basically, your pup will travel with me or our flight nanny to your home via airplane and you will cover travel expenses. This will allow us to expand our map of KDC pups all over the U.S. Flight nanny fee of $200 will also be added to this if this is the option you choose. 

We do extensive health testing of our parents to make sure you are getting the best of the best. We want your newest family member to live a long, healthy life. It's an investment. See below the testing we do to ensure the health of our offspring.

-OFA Certified:

Patella, Cardiac

Evet Diagnostics Certifications: Hip & Elbow

Ophthalmologist Certifications:

Choroidal hypoplasia, Corneal dystrophy, Distichia Cataracts, Optic nerve hypoplasia, Progressive Retinol Atrophy, Retinal Dysplasia, Vitreal Degenerations

Genetic Disease Clearance: 

Degenerative Myelopathy, Exercise Induced Collapse, Retinal Atrophy, Cone-Rod Dystrophy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone, Degeneration, Von Wildebrand Disease I

CONTRACT: REVIEW CONTRACT BEFORE SUBMITTING APPLICATION. It is important that you know about our health guarantee and our spay/neuter policy.

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